Generally, talks are 20 minutes incl. 5 minutes discussion. Posters (maximum size 84x118cm upright - the German DIN A0 format) are on display during the whole conference.

The electronic versions of the talks will be provided as PDF and/or PPT files. Please find the links in the programme below later.

Please find a PDF version of the following programme here.

MONDAY, August 16 Name Sessions & Titles Presentations
09:00 - 09:20 Werner Conference Opening PPT
Luminosity function, mass distribution, and populations
Chair: Burleigh
09:20 - 10:20 Gianninas A Spectroscopic Survey of Bright DA White Dwarfs PPT
Tremblay Application of improved model spectra to DA white dwarfs in the SDSS PPT
Bergeron A comprehensive spectroscopic analysis of DB white dwarfs PPT
Coffee & Posters Break
10:50 -12:30 Catalan Searching for the coolest white dwarfs in the Galaxy PDF
Dobbie New white dwarfs for the stellar initial mass-final mass relation PPT
Falcon A Gravitational Redshift Determination of the Mean Mass of White Dwarfs PPTX
Kepler Magnetic White Dwarfs in the SDSS and Estimating the Mean Mass of Normal DA and DB WDs PPTX
Rebassa-Mansergas The origin of low-mass white dwarfs PDF
Lunch Break
Chair: Krzesinski
14:00 - 15:20 Weston Anyone Out There? Post-AGB Stars in the Galactic Halo PPTX
White dwarf structure and evolution
Barstow High-resolution EUV spectroscopy of Feige 2 PPTX
Adamczak Analysis of Chandra-LETG spectra of two DA white dwarfs and a PG1159 star PDF
Coffee & Posters Break
16:00 - 17:40 Werner HST/COS Spectroscopy of H1504+65 PPT
Dufour HST observations of Hot DQ white dwarfs PPT
Dunlap SOAR Observations of Hot DQ White Dwarf Stars PDF
Vornanen Magnetic Fields on DQ White Dwarfs with Carbon Molecular Lines PDF
Gänsicke White dwarfs with oxygen-rich atmospheres PDF
18:30 Reception at the IAAT
TUESDAY, August 17 Name Sessions & Titles Presentations
Chair: Castanheira
09:00 - 10:20 Wickramasinghe New insights on the origin of magnetic fields in white dwarfs and neutron stars PPTX
Külebi Evolutionary status of RE J0317-853 ODP
Lawrie Variability and rotation in magnetic white dwarfs PPT
Coffee & Posters Break
White dwarf ages
10:50 - 12:30 García-Berro The white dwarf cooling age of NGC 6791 PPT
Jeffery The White Dwarf Age of NGC 2477 PPT
von Hippel Deriving the Age of an Individual WD: SDSS, Bok, USNO, and Bayes PPT
Williams Spectroscopic Analysis of the White Dwarfs in M67 missing
Winget White Dwarfs in M4 and the Physics of Crystallization PDF
Lunch Break
White dwarf catalogs and surveys
Chair: Farihi
14:00 - 15:20 Castanheira White Dwarfs in the HET Dark Energy Experiment PPTX
Debes First Results of the WIRED Survey PPT
Kleinman The SDSS DR7 White Dwarf Catalogue PPT
Sayres Multi-survey and statistical methods for cool white dwarf discovery PDF
Coffee & Posters Break
16:00 - 17:20 Verbeek The UV-excess Survey of the Northern Galactic Plane PDF
Central stars of planetary nebulae
Rauch HST/COS Observations of O(He) Stars PPT
Todt [WN] central stars of planetary nebulae PDF
Rühling Diffuse X-rays from PNe with WR-type central stars PDF
WEDNESDAY, August 18 Name Sessions & Titles Presentations
Chair: Schuh
09:00 - 09:20 Bond Two Planetary Nuclei with Recent Mass-Loss Episodes PPTX
SN progenitors
Dan Mass transfer dynamics in white dwarf binary systems PDF
Geier Massive Unseen Companions to Hot Faint Underluminous Stars from SDSS (MUCHFUSS) PPT
Mereghetti The ultra-massive fast-spinning white dwarf companion of HD 4979 PPT
Coffee & Posters Break
10:40 - 11:40 Miller Bertolami Exploring the diffusion-induced nova scenario PPT
Bogdan Constraints on progenitors of Classical Novae PPT
Pavlenko Activity of five WZ Sge-type systems in a few years after their outburst PPT
Lunch Break
13:00 - 23:30 Excursion & Conference Dinner
THURSDAY, August 19 Name Sessions & Titles Presentations
Chair: Dupuis
09:00 - 09:20 Sion The White Dwarf in SS Cygni: FUSE + HST Spectral Analysis PPT
Swierczynski The WD environment and peculiar brightness variations in the Kelvin-Helmholtz timescale during the classical novae outburst PDF
Solheim Update on AM CVn binaries PPTX
White dwarfs in detached binaries
Holberg Kepler Observations of White Dwarfs PPT
Coffee & Posters Break
10:50 - 12:30 Bloemen Doppler boosting in the Kepler light curves of KPD 1946+4340 and KOI-74 under embargo
Day-Jones Discovery of the first white dwarf + T dwarf binary system and the use of white dwarfs as age calibrator PDF
Pyrzas Hunting for eclipsing white dwarf main sequence binaries PDF
Parsons Precise White Dwarf Masses and Radii from Eclipsing White Dwarf-Main-Sequence Binaries PDF
Ferrario On the formation of Main Sequence-massive WD binaries missing
Lunch Break
Chair: Ferrario
14:00 - 15:00 Marsh SDSS1257+5428: an extreme mass-ratio double white dwarf PDF
Steele Ultracool Companions to White Dwarfs PPTX
Steinfadt Discovery of the Eclipsing Detached Double White Dwarf Binary NLTT 11748 PDF
Coffee & Posters Break
Physical processes in white dwarfs and magnetic white dwarfs
16:00 - 18:00 Isern White Dwarfs as astroparticle physics laboratories PDF
Chayer Effect of Radiative Levitation on Calculations of Accretion Rates in White Dwarfs PPTX
Dickinson The stratification of metals in hot white dwarf atmospheres
Dupuis Applying the accretion-diffusion model to a sample of DAZ without IR excess PPT
Kowalski Ab initio Stellar Astrophysics: Reliable Modeling of Cool White Dwarf Atmospheres PDF
Isern White dwarfs as astroparticle physics laboratories
Disks, dust and planets around white dwarfs
Hogan Latest Results From The DODO Survey: Imaging Planets Around White Dwarfs PDF
FRIDAY, August 20 Name Sessions & Titles Presentations
Chair: Gänsicke
09:00 - 09:20 Farihi Planetary Debris as the Origin of Metal-Rich White Dwarfs PDF
Chu Spitzer MIPS and Archival Surveys of IR Excesses of White Dwarfs PPT
Bilikova Spectral Analysis of Mid-IR Excesses of WDs PPTX
Hartmann Asymmetric line profiles in the spectra of gaseous metal disks around single DAZ white dwarfs PDF AVI
Coffee & Posters Break
10:50 - 12:30 Bonsor Post-main sequence evolution of debris discs PPT
Faedi Detection limits for close substellar and planetary companions to WD in the SuperWASP survey PPT
Dreizler On the evidence for planets orbiting the post-common envelope binary NN Ser PPT
Pulsating white dwarfs
Barlow PROMPT - An effective tool for studies of pulsating stars PDF
Li Asteroseismology of the ZZ Ceti Star KUV08368+4026 PPT
Lunch Break
Chair: Geier
14:00 - 15:20 Montgomery GD358: The Case for Oblique Pulsation and Temperature Change PPT
Mukadam The Intriguing Accreting White Dwarf Pulsators PDF
Sullivan The DBV White Dwarf EC20058-5234: the continuing story PDF
Dalessio The O-C Diagram of EC20058-5234 PDF
15:20 - 15:40
Closing remarks
18:00 Farewell Party at the IAAT
Althaus New core/envelope chemical profiles for pulsating DA white dwarfs
Babina The spin light curves at different beat phases asynchronous polar BY Cam
Barnstedt HIRDES - The main instrument of the WSO/UV satellite
Barstow A large-scale survey of white dwarf composition from the FUSE archive
Bilikova Hard X-ray Emission from White Dwarfs
Bognár GD 244: asteroseismology of a pulsator in the middle of the ZZ Ceti instability strip
Boldin Population synthesis studies of DA white dwarfs: constraints on cooling, birthrate and soft X-ray spectra evolution
Boneva Models of vortices and spirals in white dwarf accretion binaries
Brassard New Grids of NLTE Model Atmospheres for Hot Subdwarf Stars Including Metals
Burleigh On the source of metals in some hot white dwarf photospheres
Casewell Evolved Solar Systems in Praesepe
Castanheira Discovery of eleven ZZ Ceti stars
Catalan The effect of mergers in the white dwarf mass distribution
Classen Search for substellar companions of sdB stars using Doppler spectroscopy
Corsico The internal rotation profiles of GW Vir stars through asteroseismology
Debes Results from a Magellan Spectroscopic DAZ Monitoring Campaign
Dimitrijevic VAMDC FP7 project and STARK-B database: C II Stark broadening parameters for white dwarf atmospheres research
Dimitrijevic Electrical conductivity of plasma in DB white dwarf atmospheres
Falcon Creating White Dwarf Photospheres in the Laboratory
Farihi White Dwarf -- Red Dwarf Systems Resolved with the Hubble Space Telescope
Ferrario An Intermediate-Mass Binary Star Origin of Long Gamma-ray Bursts
Fontaine The challenge of explaining the nonlinear features in the light curve of the ZZ Ceti star G117-B15A
Friederich UV Spectroscopy of the Central Star of the Planetary Nebula Abell 43
Gárces Stellar chronology with white dwarfs in wide binaries
Giammichele The atmospheric parameters of nearby white dwarfs revisited
Hermes A Status Report on a Planet Search Around White Dwarf Stars
Hoard The WISE InfaRed Excesses around Degenerates (WIRED) Survey
Isern Iron White Dwarfs?
Katysheva Superoutbursts of selected new SU UMa- and WZ Sge-type stars
Koester Cool white dwarfs with extreme metal pollution
Korčáková Radiative Transfer Through Discs of Cataclysmic Variables
Kowalski Understanding the Oldest White Dwarfs: Atmospheres of Cool WDs as Extreme Physics Laboratories
Krausz Spectral Analysis of various AMCvn Stars
Krzesinski Tuning the hot WD LF
Külebi Statistics of hydrogen-rich magnetic white dwarfs detected in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Kupfer The extreme helium star BD+10 2179 - the result of a WD merger?
Latour NLTE line-blanketed model atmospheres for sdO stars
Legett Cool White Dwarfs Found in the UKIRT Infrared Sky Survey
Limoges A Census of White Dwarfs Within 40 Parsecs of the Sun
Mohamad-Yob FUV spectroscopy of K648
Montgomery Precession, White Dwarf Disks, and the Earth-Moon-Sun System
Montgomery The Limits of a Perturbative Approach in Nonlinear Light Curve Analysis
Nagel A new grid of NLTE accretion-disc models for AM CVn systems: application to CE 315
Należyty Physical parameters of the DA white dwarfs from ESO SN Ia Progenitor Survey data
Nitta UV time series spectroscopy of GD358
Pavlenko MN Draconis: in-the gap dwarf nova with negative superhumps
Quirion Photometry with a Space Spectrometer: Using the FUSE Archives
Renedo New cooling sequences for old white dwarfs
Ringat Theoretical White Dwarf Spectra on Demand: TheoSSA
Schaffenroth Analysis of the HW Vir type star ASAS 102322-3737.0
Schuh News from the PG1159 white dwarf in a close binary
Schwarz Radial Velocities of Numerically Simulated, Edge-On Cataclysmic Variables
Semionov Waccabi - a 2D radiative transfer code for stellar winds in cataclysmic binaries
Silvotti WD Planets from GAIA
Suleimanov Modeling of the spectral energy distribution of cataclysmic variable TT Ari and evaluation of the system parameters
Suleimanov UX Ursae Majoris as a SW Sex star
Suleimanov 1RXS J180834.7+101041: a new cataclysmic variable with non-uniform disc
Torres The white dwarf population of tri-axial haloes
Torres The effects of the observational selection criteria on the post common envelope white dwarf-main sequence binary population
Traulsen Accretion onto selected magnetic white dwarfs as seen in X-rays
Unglaub The floating up of hydrogen in He-sdO stars in the case with no mass loss
Vauclair The ZZ Ceti HS 0507+043B revisited
Warner Pulsation in SDSS0919+08 and Rotation in VSX J0747+0650
Wassermann Metal abundances in KPD0005+5106
Williams The White Dwarf Cooling Sequence of NGC 188
Ziegler (F)UV analyses of hot, hydrogen-rich Central Stars: Determination of metal abundances and basic phot ospheric parameters
Zola Jastrocam3 - new version of CCD data gathering software

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