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The subroutines in the fits-subdirectory of the aitlib serve to write and read FITS-compatible files in formats that are mainly used in X-ray astronomy. Subroutines exist to These routines are high level subroutines that make heavy use of the low-level FITS subroutines found in the astrolib from GSFC.

Index of Subroutines

fits_binarycor Apply binary correction to time columns and time keywords of a fits file
gtiselect Plot the light curve and generate via interactive modus a gti file by defining non-gti time ranges. - left mouse key: zoom in/out +to zoom in: press mouse key, move left, release key. +to zoom out: press mouse key, move right, release key. - right mouse key: mark range that should NOT be used as gti. +to mark a range: press mouse key, move, release key. +to write the range into gti file click button without moving. - middle mouse key: write gti and leave program
fxbread Read a data array from a disk FITS binary table file.
phaIIpulse determine pulse profile from phaII data (alternative to fasebin_flc and readpulse_pha2)
plotpulse Plot a pulse profile in 'pretty' fashion
readasm Read an ASM 1dwell lightcurve, bin to a desired temporal resolution...
readgti read a gti file and return the start and stoptimes
readlc Read a FITS lightcurve
readorbit Read mission orbit file and compute ephemerides for given times.
readpha Read PHA-spectrum from a OGIP-conformant PHA-file. The file format has been defined in OGIP memo CAL-GEN 92-002 and 002a.
readpha2 Read PHA-spectrum from a OGIP-conformant PHA2-file. The file format has been defined in OGIP memo ...
readpp Read PHA-spectrum from a OGIP-conformant PHA2-file. The file format has been defined in OGIP memo ...
readpulse_pha2 Read in a complete pulse profile from a FITS file containing PHA-II data
readrsp Read a OGIP conformant response matrix
rebinpulse Rebin a pulse profile
writelc Write an OGIP-compliant FITS lightcurve, conforming (hopefully) to http://heasarc.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/heasarc/ofwg/docs/rates/ogip_93_003/ogip_93_003.html with later extensions
writepha Write photon-spectrum as an OGIP-compatible FITS-PHA-File in the Format defined in OGIP memo CAL-GEN 92-007 and 92-007a

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