Filename of this manual: wrh/wrplot.dir/manwrplot.dir/wr_info_en.pdf
Last update: July 19, 2019


Wolf-Rainer Hamann
with earlier support of Lars Koesterke and many more


1 Program installation and execution
 1.1 Computers within the Astro I cluster at the Univ. Potsdam
 1.2 WRplot installation on other linux systems
2 The structure of a WRplot le
3 The KASDEF commands
 3.1 Preface
 3.2 Settings
 3.3 Instructions
 3.4 Plotcommands
4 The coordinate box
5 The plot data
 5.1 Datasets
 5.2 Headline and plot attributes
 5.3 Data tables
 5.4 COMMAND lines
 5.5 COMMAND-Functions
6 Creating WRplot les with fortran programs
7 Include plots into TeX documents
A Appendix: Examples for fonts
B Appendix: Examples for colors
C Appendix: The Plot symbols