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TYCHO Data Analysis Working Group

The former Team in Tübingen

Head of project (Tübingen)
Prof. Dr. H. Mauder

Member of Hipparcos science team
Prof Dr. M. Grewing

Team members
Dr. G. Bässgen
Dr. V. Grossmmann
Dipl. Phys. K. Wagner
Dr. A. J. Wicenec

Supported by the Deutsche Agentur für Raumfahrtangelegenheiten (DARA) under grant no. 50 OO 91060.


The TYCHO experiment onboard the HIPPARCOS satellite is a long term project (> 15 years) divided into three main periods:

currently the project is in the post mission period and will culminate in the release of the TYC, a catalogue containing around 1.000.000 stars up to a limiting magnitude of V=12.5 mag with astrometric and photometric data of an accuracy comparable to the FK5 stars (1500 stars). In addition to the catalogue of mean magnitudes there will be a very big appendix available containing all of the single measurements for every star in the mean catalogue (around 130 "good" measurements/star). The TYCHO group in Tübingen has been officially formed in 1985 in the frame of the TYCHO Data Analysis Consortium (TDAC), an European collaboration. The team in Tübingen is working in three main parts: Some more information on HIPPARCOS and TYCHO may be found at CDS or at ESTEC. An overview of the data analysis has been presented at the ADASS conference in Victoria, B.C. 1993 and is available on our publications web page. This paper has been published in Crabtree D.R., Hanisch R.J., Barnes J., Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III, ASP conference series, Vol. 61, 147-150.

Some information on related astrometric missions

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