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Telescope and Cameras

dome impressions           mounting of the telescope           first light


Since september 2003 our institute possesses a 0.8m reflector built by AstroOptik Keller, placed in a 5m dome by Baader. It has a focallength of 6.40m (f/8, with focal reducer f/4) and two Nasmyth foci. Details can be found on the websites of the producers.


Our institute disposes of a ST-V, ST-7, ST-7e (incl. filter wheel CFW8, Johnson BVRI) and STL-1001E (incl. LRGB, Johnson UBVRI, BG40, and He4686 filters) by SBIG,
and a HX916 by Starlight XPress. Details can be found on the websites of the producers. Furthermore, our institute possesses a spectrograph (10C Optomechanics), which is used especially for educating purposes. For the wavelength calibration we use Hg and Ne.

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