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TMAW Request

Please specify
effective temperature Teff,
surface gravity log g,
abundances for H, He, C, N, O, Ne, Na, and Mg
as well as your e-mail address.

A NLTE model atmosphere with your input parameters will be calculated by TMAP - the Tübingen NLTE Model-Atmosphere Package - and you will be informed about the progress by e-mail.

Personal Information

SED Parameters

Wavelength range for standard SED:
5 - 2000 Å 2000 - 3000 Å 3000 - 55000 Å

Wavelength range for an individual SED and a quicklook plot:
- Å, Δλ ≈ Å
Note: the maximum number of data points is about 50 000.

Before submitting, please verify the data you entered, especially your e-mail address.

Model-Grid Parameters

Teff [K]:
20 kK ≤ Teff ≤ 300 kK
Teff [K] (pure H+He) :
20 kK ≤ Teff ≤ 1 MK
Minimum Maximum Grid spacing
log g [cm/s2]:
4.0 ≤ log g ≤ 9.9
Minimum Maximum Grid spacing

Abundances [mass fractions, preset with solar values (Asplund et al. 2009, ARAA 47, 481; Scott et al. 2015, A&A, 573, A25)]:

Presently, only SEDs of hot, compact stars can be calculated.
This WWW interface is fully functional. The calculation of a H+He+C+N+O SED takes about one or two days, a H+He+C+N+O+Ne+Na+Mg SED calculation takes up to five days. Numerical instabilities may occur due to the requested parameters. We will then check for these asap.
Please do not hesitate to start any calculation - this helps us to further improve the TMAW procedure.

Please do not hesitate to should any question arise.

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