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Printing at IAAT

Printing from Unix

Printing from the Unix machines at IAAT is done with the where queue is the name of the printer queue (see below) and where file is the name of the file to be printed. Note that there is no blank between the queue-name and the -P or -d, but there is a blank between the queue name and the filename. For other options to lpr and lp please refer to the respective manual pages (man lpr and man lp).

For pretty-printing of ASCII text the program enscript is recommended. Good results can be obtained with enscript -2Gr file, which is the default-setting of the environment variable ENSCRIPT. For other options, please see the manual page.

Printing from MicroSoft Operating Systems

All Unix-printer queues can be reached via the Samba server aitxu2 using the netgroup AIT. Please refer to the MicroSoft manual on how to use these queues as your default printer queue.

Printer Queues

There are several printer-queues for each printer, the names of which indicate how many pages get printed on each sheet of paper, and whether the paper is to be printed on both sides (``duplex'') or not. The general makeup of each queue-name is printer_pages where printer is the printer name, and pages indicates how many pages are printed per sheet of paper. The following table lists the available printer queues.

WARNING: Due to a bug in the ZDV printer software, printing to ps035 and ps036 works only from Linux machines.

Printer Queues Description
a3 a3 A3-Printer-HP-LaserJet 5SiMX, A217
g55 g55ps HP OfficeJet G55, A217, color
d125xi d125xips HP OfficeJet D125xi Bibliothek, color, d=duplex, 2=2 pages per page
dcps dcps HP Laserjet 4300, 1st floor (EG), printer room
hp5 hp5 HP Laserjet 4300, 2nd floor, A217
hp3si hp3si HP LaserjetIII Si (300dpi), 1st floor, room A110
hp1170c hp1170c_pcl HP 1100C Color printer (600dpi), 2nd floor, printer room; ps-queues are converted to PCL via ghostscript, only for paper
folie folie HP 990Cxi Color printer (600dpi), 2nd floor, printer room; ps-queues are converted to PCL via TurboPrint, only for viewgraphs
ps010_a4 ps010 HP Color LaserJet 9500hdn, Morgenstelle C2A14
ps010_a3 ps010_a3 HP Color LaserJet 9500hdn, A3-Format
ps010_d4 ps010_d4 HP Color LaserJet 9500hdn, A4-Format, duplex
ps010_t4 ps010_t4 HP Color LaserJet 9500hdn, A4-Format, duplex, Bindung kurze Kante
ps033_a4 ps033 HP Color LaserJet 5500dtn, Wilhelmstrasse UG Pool (Postscript only!)
ps033_d4 ps033_d4 HP Color LaserJet 5500dtn, A4-Format, duplex
ps035_a0 ps035_a0 A0 Color printer HP DesignJet 5000PS (1200x600dpi), Morgenstelle C2A14 (Postscript only!)
ps038_a0 ps038_a0 A0 Color printer HP DesignJet 5000PS (1200x600dpi), Wächterstr. (Postscript only!)

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