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TEXTOIDL Source code in textoidl.pro


       Convert a valid TeX string to a valid IDL string for plot labels.
Calling Sequence
       new = textoidl(old)
Input Parameters
       old            -- TeX string to be converted.  Will not be     in
                         modified.  old may be a string array.
Keyword Parameters
       FONT           -- Set to 0 to use hardware font, -1 to use
                         vector.  Note that the only hardware font
                         supported is PostScript.
       /TEX_SEQUENCES -- return the available TeX sequences
       /HELP          -- print out info on use of the function
                         and exit.
Output Parameters
       new            -- IDL string corresponding to old.             out
Common Blocks

Side Effects

       - Use the procedure SHOWTEX to get a list of the available TeX
         control sequences.
       - The only hardware font for which translation is available is
       - The only device for which hardware font'
         translation is available is PostScript.'
       - The FONT keyword overrides the font selected'
         by !p.font'
       out = TeXtoIDL('\Gamma^2 + 5N_{ed}')
       The string out may be used in XYOUTS or other IDL text
       display routines.  It will be an uppercase Gamma, with an
       exponent of 2, then a plus sign, then an N with the subscript
Revision History
       $Id: textoidl.pro,v 1.7 2004/06/15 17:25:54 mcraig Exp $
       $Log: textoidl.pro,v $
       Revision 1.7  2004/06/15 17:25:54  mcraig
       Fixed bug in regular expression, changed array notation to square brackets
       Revision 1.6  2004/01/11 01:49:00  mcraig
       Changed format of one array to newer [] style to avoidf conflict with function name in astro library.
       Revision 1.5  2001/11/23 21:10:55  mcraig
       Added backslash '\' to tex sequences in translation table to protect them during regexp search in strsplit.
       Revision 1.4  1996/06/14 20:00:27  mcraig
       Updated Copyright info.
       Revision 1.3  1996/05/09 00:22:17  mcraig
       Added error handling, cleaned up documentation.
       Revision 1.2  1996/02/08 18:52:50  mcraig
       Added ability to use hardware fonts for PostScript device.
       Revision 1.1  1996/01/31 18:47:37  mcraig
       Initial revision
       $Name: Rel_2_1_2 $
  Copyright (C) 1996 The Regents of the University of California, All
  Rights Reserved.  Written by Matthew W. Craig.
  See the file COPYRIGHT for restrictions on distrubting this code.
  This code comes with absolutely NO warranty; see DISCLAIMER for details.

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