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TEXTABLE Source code in textable.pro


       Returns a translation table from TeX to IDL.
Calling Sequence
       table = textable()
Input Parameters
Keyword Parameters
       /POSTSCRIPT -- If set, return postscript translation
                      table rather than vector fonts table.
                      Default is translations for vector
       /HELP       -- Print help and exit.
Output Parameters
       table -- a 2D text array.  table(0,*) contains          out
                the words to be translated away, table(1,*)
                contains the words to translate them to.
Common Blocks

Side Effects

       To find out what TeX sequences are available, look at

Revision History
       $Id: textable.pro,v 1.8 2004/06/15 17:25:54 mcraig Exp $
       $Log: textable.pro,v $
       Revision 1.8  2004/06/15 17:25:54  mcraig
       Fixed bug in regular expression, changed array notation to square brackets
       Revision 1.7  1996/07/22 23:56:08  mcraig
       Added \vartheta.
       Revision 1.6  1996/07/12 21:31:42  mcraig
       Fixed \varphi in vector font, added \circ.
       Revision 1.5  1996/06/14 20:00:27  mcraig
       Updated Copyright info.
       Revision 1.4  1996/05/09 00:22:17  mcraig
       Added command to return to previous font after switching to Greek or
       symbol font.
       Revision 1.3  1996/02/08 19:49:35  mcraig
       Removed control sequence \perp because the postscript code for it is '^'.
       Revision 1.2  1996/02/08 18:53:38  mcraig
       Added translations for PostScript fonts, and added several new TeX
       control sequences.
       Revision 1.1  1996/01/31 18:47:37  mcraig
       Initial revision
       $Name: Rel_2_1_2 $
  Copyright (C) 1996 The Regents of the University of California, All
  Rights Reserved.  Written by Matthew W. Craig.
  See the file COPYRIGHT for restrictions on distrubting this code.
  This code comes with absolutely NO warranty; see DISCLAIMER for details.

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