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Subroutines developed to make sense of the output of the simulation programs for XMM-Newton, the European X-ray satellite.

Index of Subroutines

ccd2img reads a CCD-fits file, extracts the image data and returns the image
ccd2pha read a CCD-fits file and create a spectrum. The spectrum is written to disk as ccd_spec_[ccdnum].pha
comp_orbit Computes orbital information for the XMM satellite for given date and orbit file
convert_ahf read in ascii XMM attitude history file, write out fits file
plotimg read the 12 (or less) CCD-fits files generated by podf and plot them (arrengement as on EPIC)
pnspec read an EPIC pn SciSim FITS file (generated by running podf on the output of SciSim), reconstruct the split events, and return the correct EPIC pn spectrum
splitcombine Read all pn-fits files produced by podf, perform split event analysis, and write raw and split-corrected pha-file for further analysis with XSPEC
xmmgetpos convert the source positions of XMM SAS sourcelist files *emllist*.ds into latex table

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