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Subroutines useful for analyzing data from the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer, RXTE.

Index of Subroutines

parse_cpix Decode the information contained in the CPIX keyword of the PHA-II data header
pcadeadlc.pro NO EXPLANATION
plotacs Prepare an overview-plot of the contents of an RXTE ACS-File (ACS is the Attitude Control System). The program plots the deviation of the pointing-position of the satellite from the nominal source position, the elevation of the source above the horizon, and which of the proportional counters is on.
read_ryle reads the Ryle observation files (as delivered by G.G.Pooley) and writes time and flux into arrays. If keyword dt is set, it rebins.
readxfl reads the .xfl file
readxtedata Retrieves for a given PCA RXTE observation lightcurve data.
rxtescreen Plot an overview of an RXTE observation (lightcurve, content of GTI files, SAA passages, particle background) The file structure must correspond to the one used in Tuebingen, so not very useful elsewhere.
writest2f read XTE/PCA standard2f lightcurves from different subobservations and featuring different detector combinations; merge them, with optional background and deadtime correction; write merged lightcurve to FITS file (using MJD and UTC); Poisson errors are included by default

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