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plot_datafill Source code in cafe_plot_datafill.pro


           plot data with filled axis, adding some information.
           plot type
Input Parameters
           group    - (optional) Define the data group to plot.
                      Default is current group. Must be in
                      range [0..29].
           datafill - plots the data of group given by filling the
                      axis till lower end . X/Y ranges are
                      kept. Undefined points are ignored.
                      Error bars are drawn if requested.
           Apart from IDL oplot keywords following special
                      are defined:
           barcolor - Expression which defines the color to use for
                      the filled area. The expression should return
                      values between 0 and 1. Possible identifier
                      are: X, Y, model[:group] while x/y are
                      normalized at 0..1.
           trace    - Plot white line on top of color bars.
           error    - Do plot error bars.
           norange  - Do not compute range (auxiliary data). Should
                      not be used if single plot type.
           gaps     - Do not connect datapoints which are gaps in
                      respect of a regular x base. It is assumed that
                      the periodicity is defined by x[1] - x[0].
           gaptol   - Defines above which x difference gaps are
                      recognized. Must be given in units of binning
                      width=x[1] - x[0]. Default is 0.1 = 10%.
           distinct - Plot each subgroup file with a different
           xbin     - Plot bin width of each data point. If no dx
                      column is given the half distance between two
                      data points is used.
     witherrorrange - Include error ranges into range determination.
        deltacolor  - Color difference for distinct data sets.
     deltalinestyle - Increase of line styles for distinct data
                      sets. Default: 0 (no change).
          deltapsym - Increase of point symbols for distinct data
                      sets. May be positive or negative
                      integer number. Default: 0 (no change).
                      If psym exceeds -7..7 it will be set at 0 (no
                      symbol). Therefore it is recomended to
                      plot data sets with lines with a negative
                      deltapsym (to decrease and restart from 0).
Side Effects
           This style uses the procedure PLOTCOLORFILL developed by
           C.Markwardt which contributed much to CAFE by developing
           the mpfit routines.
           > plot, datafill[barcolor=y]
                -> data displayed as is.
Revision History
           $Id: cafe_plot_datafill.pro,v 1.6 2004/07/30 17:17:25 goehler Exp $

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