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model Source code in cafe_model.pro


           define model of fit
           model, modelstring[:group][,/quiet]
Input Parameters
           modelstring - Defines the models to apply. The string may
                         consist of several models to apply which
                         could be combined via algebraic operators as
                         there are:
                          "+" - adds two models
                          "-" - subtracts two models
                          "*" - multiplies two models
                          "/" - divides two models
                         Parentheses are allowed to group the
                         operations. Chaining of models is possible
                         by enclosing the inner model within parentheses:
                         sin(lin) -> y = sin(lin(x)).
                         Model components must be lower case. If a
                         component is upper case or starts with a
                         number it is interpreted as a usual IDL
                         function/expression. This can be used to
                         exploit simple/built in functions.
                         > model, const*SIN(x*2*!DPI)
                         -> use two model components (const and x) and a
                         fix function (SIN) with a built in constant
                         Models can be expanded by using a model
                         string which starts with one of the
                         algebraic operators above: "+","-","*","/".
                         In this case the former model and its
                         parameters will be kept.
                         Models can be copied by assignment using the
                         "= <group>" Operator. In this case all
                         parameters are copied also.
                         > model, = 2
                         -> Copy model and its parameters from group 2.
           group    - (optional) The data group for which the model
                      should be applied.
                      Default is the current group which can be
                      changed with "chgrp". Must be in range [0..29].
           /quiet   - Do not ask for parameter values (useful for
                      command file processing). Also do not report
                      fit statistic.
           All options may be set with the "set" command. The
           command prefix is "model".
          The models are defined in separate modules which could be
          added and maintained separately.
          Available models could be list with
          while a specific model can be shown with
                      help,model, <model>
          Models can be add by defining a function in a separate
          file. Refer maintenance.
         The option /add to add a model to an existing one is still
         supported but deprecated.
Side Effects
           Stores model information in environment for given group
           > model, "sin+lin", 2
Revision History
           $Id: cafe_model.pro,v 1.20 2004/08/18 07:26:43 goehler Exp $

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