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legend_param Source code in cafe_legend_param.pro


           Writes parameter name+value in legend
           legend, param"["par=parameter[:group],
                          [nameformat=nameformat, ]
                          [valformat=valformat,   ]
                          [errformat=errformat,   ]
Input Parameters
           param - The parameter(s) to show. This can be either:
                        - The absolute parameter number in the
                          current model.
                        - A parameter number range, defined by the
                          first parameter and last parameter,
                          separated with "-". (e.g. 0-3)
                        - A string designating the parameter
                          name. The parameter name is usually
                          "model:parname". If this parameter name is
                          not unique in current model all matching
                          parameters are fixed.
Optional Input Parameters
           group - The group to get the parameter from. Default is
                   current group.
      nameformat - The format for the parameter names. This may be a
                   IDL string format code. Usefull are formats like
                   "A20". Default is "A8".
       valformat - The format for the parameter values.
                   This may be a IDL float point value format code
                   which has following syntax:
                   <CODE>[.] with
                       CODE - defining the format code, as there are:
                              F - float proint number
                              E - float point number in exponential
                              G - float point number like either as F
                                  or G depending on value.
                      width - Number defining the overal width of
                              the number string.
                       prec - Number defining the number of positions
                              after the decimal point.
                   Default is "G8.4".
       errformat - The format for the parameter errors. The syntax is
                   as in valformat. Default is "G8.5".
           All optional inputs may be set with the "set" command. The
           command prefix is "legend_param".
           Writes fit parameter(s) into legend. The parameters are
           given by number or name.
Side Effects
           Changes plot window.
               > fit
               > plot, data+model
               > legend, param[par=*:2]+result
               -> show all parameters in group 2.
Revision History
           $Id: cafe_legend_param.pro,v 1.4 2005/01/04 10:56:05 goehler Exp $

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