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legend_data Source code in cafe_legend_data.pro


           Draws/writes data/line information in legend in plot window.
           legend, data"["[,type=type    ]
                          [,panel=panel  ]
                          [,num=num      ]
                          [,str=str      ]
                          [,plotwidth=plotwidth ]
                          [,xlist=xlist  ]
                          [,ylist=ylist  ]
Input Parameters
           type - Data type to show. This corresponds essentially to
                  the plot type(s) used for the plot.
                   > legend,data[type=data]+data[type=model]
                   -> Display data/model information only.
           panel- The panel to show only.
           num  - Select only the legend entry with given number
                  (integer). This input allows to build manually a
                  data list with given points.
           str  - Apply the string "str" to all selected data
                  entries. Should be used in conjunction with num to
                  select a single data entry (if not only one is
      plotwidth - Define width of data point item to plot. This is given
                  in normal units (ranging from 0..1 for full
                  screen). Default is 0.02.
          xlist - Vector of data point item x-values. The list should
                  contain x-values for points ranging from 0..1 (the
                  plotwidth). The number of entries must be the same
                  as in ylist.
                  Default are 3 points:[0,0.5,1]
          ylist - Vector of data point item y-values. The list should
                  contain y-values for points ranging from -0.5 .. 0.5. The
                  number of entries must be the same as in xlist.
                  Default are 3 points:[0,0,0] (equal y value).
         margin - Space between plot item and left border/right
                  text in units of Plotwidth. Default is 0.5.
           The options "plotwidth", "xlist", ylist" and "margin" may
           be set with the "set" command. The command prefix is
           For each plot type used a legend entry will be drawn in
           respect of line color, style and point symbols.
Side Effects
           Changes plot window.
               > fit
               > plot, data+model
               > legend, data
               -> creates legend with two entries - the data and the model.
Revision History
           $Id: cafe_legend_data.pro,v 1.4 2003/12/09 13:07:21 goehler Exp $

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