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legend Source code in cafe_legend.pro


           draws legend information for plots
           legend, legitem1["["param"]"]][:grp1] +
                   legitem2["["param"]"]][:grp2] +....
Input Parameters
           legitem - What legend information should be drawn. These
                     items are given as separate subtasks.
                     These can be e.g.:
                       data  -  Information about data displayed in
                                current plot. Draws line/color
                                according lines.
                       result-  Information about last fit result.
                       param -  Information about (selected)
                                parameters of fit.
                       models-  Information about current model(s)
                     Available legend items may be shown with
                      > help, legend, all
Optional Input Parameters
           param    - Allow to send some parameters to the legend plotting
           grp      - The groups to apply the legend to. The
                      interpretation depends on the legend type.
           pos      - Position (in normal coordinates) of legend to
                      plot at. This must be a 2 component float
                      vektor with [xpos, ypos] being the coordinates
                      of the upper left corner.
           top      - Plot at top position.
           bottom   - Plot at bottom position.
           left     - Plot at left position.
           right    - Plot at right position.
           mouse    - Define legend position via mouse click. Move
                      the mouse in current plot window until desired
                      position is reached and click with any mouse
           nobox    - Do not plot a box frame around all legend
        noadjust    - Do not try to adjust position to keep the
                      legend within the plot frame.
           All options may be set with the "set" command. The
           command prefix is "legend".
Side Effects
           Changes plot drawn.
               > plot, data,delchi, 2
               > legend, data,/left
                -> plot data information on plot at left side.
Revision History
           $Id: cafe_legend.pro,v 1.14 2005/01/04 10:56:05 goehler Exp $

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