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import Source code in cafe_import.pro


           Imports data from IDL variables.
           import, (x), (y) [,(error)][,importname][,group]
Input Parameters
           x   - Variable name for the independent values. Should be an array
                 of double.
           y   - Variable name for the dependent values. Should be an array
                 of double.
         error - Variable name for error values. Should be an array
                 of double. If not given the error is set at 1.
          All Variables should have the same number of elements
          because they represent a tuple for the measure points.
    importname  - (optional) Defines a name to store the data in
                  (used instead of a  filename). Default is "<import>".
          group - (optional) Defines the group to load data into.
          Import is mainly intended as an interface to import data
          from IDL or to read data which is not structured as a
          simple file.
          To use this command IDL variables must be defined
          before. This could only be done by executing a IDL command
          within the fit environment (because the environment runs in
          a procedure which passes no variables).
          These IDL commands must be preceded with a "!".
          The parentheses are necessary because otherwise the
          variables are taken as strings.
Side Effects
           Loads data to group/subgroup
               > ! time = readfits("time.fits")
               > ! rate = readfits("rate.fits")
               > ! error= sqrt(rate)
               > import,(time),(rate),(error),test,2 -> loads data into group 2,
                                             next free subgroup.
Revision History
           $Id: cafe_import.pro,v 1.13 2003/12/01 07:53:00 goehler Exp $

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