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data_gti Source code in cafe_data_gti.pro


           Read in good time intervals from a fits file and apply
           this information by ignoring not covered data points.
           A gti fits file must consist of two columns defining start/stop
           intervals. All data points not covered by these intervals
           are treated as being outside the good time interval and
           are ignored.
           (optional) parameters are ordered as follows:
               - The column for the gti START times. This may be either the
                 column name or its number. Default is column 1.
               - The column for the gti STOP times. This may be either the
                 column name or its number. Default is column 2.
               - The subgroup to apply the gti information at. This
                 might be either a subgroup number, the subgroup name
                 which may contain wildcards (*,?) or a list of
                 subgroups in brackets [g1,g2...gn]. Default are all
                 subgroups (i.e. "*").
               - (optional) The extension number. If not given the
                 extension number 1 is used (first extension).
               All parameters are separated with ",". If one
               parameter is not defined (empty string) the default
               column is used.
Side Effects
           Loads file data into environment.
               > data, event.fits
               -> loads event time data
               > data, instrument.gti[START,STOP,0,2]
               -> apply gti information at subgroup 0 (just loaded
                  one) and use extension #2.
Revision History
           $Id: cafe_data_gti.pro,v 1.2 2005/02/16 11:04:09 goehler Exp $

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