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data_dat Source code in cafe_data_dat.pro


           Read in data set from ascii file.
           data, filename["["xcol,ycol[,errcol][,xbincol][,headskip][,commentchar]"]"]
           Read the file as an ascii file containing the
               data in columns (error column need not be given):
               x | y | error. Number separators are non-number
               characters, recommended are spaces or tabs.
               Comment lines which start with "#" will be skipped.
           (optional) parameters are ordered as follows:
             xcol - The column number for the X axis.
                    Default is column 0.
             ycol - The column number for the Y axis.
                    Default is column 1.
           errcol - The column number for the ERROR axis.
                    Default is column 2. Empty string skips the error
          xbincol - The column number for the XBIN axis.
                    If not given the XBIN axis will be omitted.
         headskip - The number of header lines to skip. Default is 0.
      commentchar - The comment character. Default is "#".
               All parameters are separated with ",". If one
               parameter is not defined (empty string) the default
               value is used.
               All keywords/options may be set with the "set"
               command. The command prefix is "data_dat", the setup
               keyword is as used for parameters above.
               Additionally following setup keywords are defined:
                nostrict - do not check for proper number on each
                           column. This allows to read files which
                           contain some columns with irregular
                           numbers. Default is off.
                sepexpr  - Use given expression as separator between
                           the numbers. Must be string.
                           Default is ""[^0-9eE.+-]+"
                numexpr  - Use given expression to check for correct
                           number representation. Might be used to
                           restrict/enhance representation.
                           Default is:
                            > "(^(\+|-)?[0-9]+(\.[0-9]*)?((e|E)(\+|-)?[0-9]+)?)$"
Side Effects
           Loads ascii file data to group defined and free subgroup.
               > data, test.dat:5,
               -> loads in data from ascii file test.dat (marked via
               extension dat) to first free subgroup in group 5.
Revision History
           $Id: cafe_data_dat.pro,v 1.22 2005/02/17 07:52:25 goehler Exp $

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