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data Source code in cafe_data.pro


           Read in data set from fits/ascii file.
           data, filename["["parameter"]"][:group][,filetype][,/interactive]
Input Parameters
           filename - string containing the file to load into the
                      program. If file is not at current working
                      directory a path must be added.
                      If the filename contains wildcards ("*", "?")
                      it is possible to load more than one file at
           parameter- (optional) Passes parameters to the file type
                      subtask defined either explicitely or via
                      extension. These parameter usually define
                      closer which columns to load. Parameters within
                      the brackets are separated with ",".
           group    - (optional) Define the data group to add the
                      data to (to support joint fitting). Default is
                      the primary group 0. Must be in range [0..29].
           filetype - (optional) The file type to defining the method
                      (subtask) how to load the file. Usually derived
                      from file extension, but this option overrides
                      the file type of the extension.
                      To get help about available file types enter
                      > help, data,all (for list of supported file types)
                      > help,data,<type> (for specific file type)
        interactive - If multiple files given (wildcarded), ask
                      before loading.
           All options may be set with the "set" command. The
           command prefix is "data".
Side Effects
           Loads file data to group/subgroup
           > data, test.dat:1
               -> loads in data from ascii file test.dat (type dat is
                  ascii file) into group 1.
           > data, foo[time;rate]:5, fits
               -> loads fits file foo (without extension) into group 5.
                  Parameters are the column names time/rate.
Revision History
           $Id: cafe_data.pro,v 1.21 2005/02/16 11:04:09 goehler Exp $

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