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chpar Source code in cafe_chpar.pro


           change model parameter
           chpar  [,parameter:group][,value][,fix][,/quiet]
       parameter - The parameter to change. This can be either:
                     - The absolute parameter number in the
                       current model.
                     - A parameter number range, defined by the
                       first parameter and last parameter,
                       separated with "-". (e.g. 1-7)
                     - A string designating the parameter
                       name. The parameter name is usually
                       "model:parname". If this parameter name is
                       not unique in current model all matching
                       parameters will be asked to change.
                       If no parameter information is given all
                       parameters will be asked to changed.
           group - The group number defining the model to
                   change. Default is 0, must be in range [0,29].
           value - The value to set the parameter at. If not given it
                   will be asked interactively.
                   If the value has the form "=<p>" then 

is taken as an parameter to take the value from. In this case <p> may be any valid parameter expression; it is also possible to do that for more than one parameter.

                   > chpar,3,=7
                   -> get the value from parameter number 7 and copy
                      its value into parameter 3.
                   REMARK: This behaviour is differs from xspec where
                   this syntax ties a parameter.
           fix   - Fix flag. May be 0 or 1. If 1 the parameter is
                   fixed (freezed).
                   If not given it may be set interactively after
                   entering the parameter value (separated with ",").
           quiet - Do not report changed parameters.
           All options may be set with the "set" command. The
           command prefix is "chpar".
Side Effects
           Changes parameter start values/fixed flags.
               > chpar,sin:P:2
                   sin:P: 22.5, 1
               -> changes Parameter sin:P of model in group 2 at 22.5
                  and fixed.
Revision History
           $Id: cafe_chpar.pro,v 1.15 2004/06/17 16:36:26 goehler Exp $

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