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cafe - introduction Source code in cafe_cafe.pro

cafe - introduction

           cafe - introduction
           multi-purpose fit environment.
Calling Sequence
          Call in IDL:
          IDL> cafe [,"logfile"]
          logfile - (optional) the file name of a log file to
                    which all operations and results will be
                    written into.
          This will start the cafe fit environment. To leave enter
 CAFE is intended for the "every day fitting" for arbitrary data sets.
 Written in the interactive data language IDL (refer rsi corporation
 at www.rsinc.com) it could easily be adopted/expanded for personal
 purposes. Especially it is possible to define arbitrary models and
 to add specialized commands.
 The cafe environment supports:
  - text/fits file data reading
  - loading several data sets in distinct groups
  - combining standard models in algebraic expressions
  - defining separate models for each data group
  - perform fit process for non-linear functions
  - perform a joint fit with different models/data sets
  - fix parameters
  - ignore/allow data points for fitting
  - plot result with several types of residuum
  - simple batch processing
  - sophisticated plotting with interface to all IDL plot commands.
  - saving/printing results
  - online help for all commands and subcommands
  With some restrictions it is possible to perform multi dimensional
  fits (by using models which project the x dimensions to a 1-d
  output). For reading and plotting there are drivers
  (dat2/data2/model2) to deal with 3-dim data.
  The cafe environment is not intended for automatic fit
  processes. Due to the interactive approach the data
  sets should be medium sized.
  The CAFE environment does not reinvent the wheel (though it is a
  intriguing challenge to do that - both the wheel and a fitting
  program). The heart of the program - the fitting algorithm - is
  implemented by Craig Marquardts mpfit library (refer
  http://cow.physics.wisc.edu/~craigm/idl/idl.html). Also error
  computations are taken from the astronomical library at the IAAT.
  Therefore this environment acts rather as an user interface to
  allow standard fitting processes. The syntax and appearance
  resembles the one of the xspec spectral fit program to come faster
  along with this program.
  Further information may be get with the online help function. Call
    > help
  to get a complete list of commands/topics.
    > help, topic
  returns closer information.
           This environment was built at the Institute for
           Astronomy and Astrophysics Tuebingen (IAAT),
           Design, structure and basic commands are
           created by Eckart Goehler, 2002.
           The software may be copied and distributed for free
           following the terms of the free software foundation.
Revision History
           $Id: cafe_cafe.pro,v 1.9 2003/05/13 08:07:18 goehler Exp $

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