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abund.pro Source code in abund.pro


NAME: abund PURPOSE: return elemental abundances for the important elements CATEGORY: astronomy CALLING SEQUENCE: ab=abund(solar=solar,angr=angr,feld=feld,aneb=aneb,mmc=mmc) INPUTS: none OPTIONAL INPUTS: none
Keyword Parameters
   solar     : Standard solar values after Wilms, Allen, and McCray
   angr      : Anders & Grevesse, 1989, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 53, 197
   aneb      : Anders & Ebihara 1982, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 46, 2363
   feld      : Feldman, 1992, Physica Scripta 46, 202
      (last three copied from XSPEC code, no grain depletions)
   mmc       : Morrison & McCammon, 1983, ApJ 270, 119 (including grains)
             (essentially Anders and Ebihara, but H:He = 10:1)
Output Parameters
 The function returns the abundances and depletion factors for
 important elements in the ISM
 no keyword: Standard ISM values after Wilms, Allen, and McCray
 In each row the array returned contains:
    1. The nuclear charge of the element,
    2. The log of the abundance in number wrt H
    3. The depletion factor 1-beta (i.e., the ratio of the GAS
       to the total ISM abundance
   4. The atomic weight of the element
Revision History
 $Log: abund.pro,v $
 Revision 1.2  2003/07/10 15:34:19  wilms
 repaired stupid mistake of mine...
 Revision 1.1  2003/07/10 13:10:25  wilms
 initial release into CVS
 -- PRE CVS follows: ---
 Version 1.0, Joern Wilms and Adrienne Allen
 Version 1.1, JW, 2000/04/17
    added feld, angr, mmc, and aneb options

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