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Option: f95

This setting provides detailed control over warnings about standard Fortran 77 features that were deleted from the Fortran 95 Standard. Unlike the -f77 and -f90 settings, these warnings apply to syntax which is legal Fortran 77. However, since these features have been deleted from the Standard, it is possible that programs containing them will be unacceptable to some newer compilers.

The list consists of keywords separated by commas or colons. There are three special keywords: all to turn on all the warnings about nonstandard extensions, none to turn them all off, and help to print the list of all the keywords with a brief explanation of each. If list is omitted, -f95 is equivalent to -f95=all , and -nof95 is equivalent to -f95=none . The warning keywords with their meanings are as follows.

A DO variable of any real numeric type.
The PAUSE statement.
The ASSIGN statement, assigned GOTO , or assigned format.
The H edit descriptor in a format.

There is one other Fortran 77 syntax feature that was deleted in Fortran 95, namely branching to an ENDIF from outside the IF block. However, ftnchek is unable to analyze program flow, and so it does not provide a warning for this.

See also: -f77 , -f90 , -portability , -pretty , -wordsize .

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