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Option: columns

Set maximum statement length to num columns. (Beyond this is ignored.) This setting is provided to allow checking of programs which may violate the Fortran standard limit of 72 columns for the length of a statement. According to the standard, all characters past column 72 are ignored. If this setting is used when the -f77=long-line option is in effect, a warning will be given for any lines in which characters past column 72 are processed. Turn-on = max = 132. Default = 72.

This setting does not suppress warnings about the presence of characters beyond column 72. To process code with meaningful program text beyond column 72, use this setting and be sure the -f77 long-line option is off. To process code with sequence numbers in columns 73 to 80, leave the the columns setting at the default value and use the -pretty=no-long-line flag.

See also: -f77 , -pretty .

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