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Habilitationsschrift Jörn Wilms

Schwarze Löcher als Astronomische Objekte

Zusammenfassung zur kumulativen Habilitation

Abstract. Black holes are objects which are so compact that the escape velocity on their surface is larger than the speed of light. In this summary of my research (cumulative habilitation), I present an overview of the current of research on galactic and extragalactic black holes. The introduction (chapter 2) describes results from the theory of stellar evolution on how normal stars evolve into black holes. Furthermore, chapter 2 summarizes the methods of optical astronomy which are used to determine whether an observed object is a black hole and gives an overview of the known stellar black holes. In the following chapters 3 and 4, I summarize my studies of stellar black holes and active galaxies. Goal of this research is to use the methods of X-ray astronomy to test models for the accretion of matter onto the compact object. Therefore, chapter 3 first summarizes the currently discussed accretion mechanisms. Whether and how one can distinguish between these mechanisms is then discussed using the publications presented in the appendix. Chapter 4 is devoted to the phenomenon of broad iron lines, which originate in the region of strong gravity close to the supermassive black holes in active galaxies. In the last chapter of this work, finally, an outlook on the future of the research on astronomical black holes is given.

Habilitationsschrift (3,88 Mb PDF file including figures)

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