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Preprints 2015

Preprint 04/15, April 2015
D. Hoyer, T. Rauch, K. Werner, P. H. Hauschildt, J.W. Kruk
Search with UVES and XSHOOTER for signatures of the low-mass secondary in the post common-envelope binary AA Dor
To be published in: A&A
Preprint 03/15, April 2015
T. Rauch, D. Hoyer, P. Quinet, M. Gallardo, M. Raineri
Stellar laboratories. V. The Xe VI ultraviolet spectrum and the xenon abundance in the hot DO-type white dwarf RE0503-289
To be published in: A&A
Preprint 02/15, March 2015
S. Diebold, C. Tenzer, E. Perinati, A. Santangelo, M. Freyberg, P. Friedrich, J. Jochum
Soft Proton Scattering Efficiency Measurements on X-Ray Mirror Shells
To be published in: Experimental Astronomy
Preprint 01/15, January 2015
T. Rauch, K. Werner, P. Quinet, J.W. Kruk
Stellar laboratories IV. New Ga IV, Ga V, and Ga VI oscillator strengths and the gallium abundance in the hot white dwarfs G191-B2B and RE0503-289
To be published in: A&A

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