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Preprint C/02

Timing analysis of the Seyfert-1 galaxy MCG-6-30-15 with XMM-Newton data

N. La Palombara (1), S. Molendi (1), J. Wilms (2), C.S. Reynolds (3)

(1) IASF/CNR, Sezione di Milano, Italy
(2) Institut für Astronomie und Astrophysik, Astronomie, Universität Tübingen, Sand 1, D-72076 Tübingen, Germany
(3) Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland, USA

To appear in: Proceedings of the 5th Italian AGN Meeting "Inflows, Outflows and Reprocessing around black holes"

Abstract. We present the main results of a deep timing analysis (in the 0.2-10 keV energy band) of the bright Seyfert-1 galaxy MCG-6-30-15 performed on XMM-Newton data. The light-curves and hardness ratios show that the source has large flux and spectral variations on time-scales of a few kiloseconds at most. From the analysis of both the power spectra and the structure function of the light curves we detected a relevant source variability between time-scales of ~0.3 and ~10 ks. Based on this result, we extracted a characteristic size of the X-ray emitting region of the order of 1013 cm.

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