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Preprint 10a/04

Insight into AGB and post-AGB stellar evolution with FUSE

K. Werner (1), T. Rauch (1), J.W. Kruk (2)

(1) Institut für Astronomie und Astrophysik, Univ. Tübingen, Germany
(2) Department of Physics and Astronomy, JHU, Baltimore MD, U.S.A.

To be published in: Astrophysivs in the FUV: Five years of discovery with FUSE, ASP Conf. Ser.

Abstract. FUSE spectroscopy has proved that extremely hot hydrogen-deficient post-AGB stars (PG1159 stars) display matter on their surface that usually remains hidden in the region between the H- and He-burning shells of the former AGB star. Hence, the spectral analysis of PG1159 stars allows to study directly the chemistry of this intershell region which is the outcome of complicated burning and mixing processes during AGB evolution. Detailed abundance determinations provide constraints for these processes which are still poorly understood. With FUSE we have discovered high neon and fluorine overabundances. There is also a significant iron deficiency, which may be caused by s-process neutron capture transforming iron into heavier elements.

Preprint (80 kb PDF file including figures)
Astrophysics (astro-ph): astro-ph/0410689

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