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Preprint 09c/04

Accretion Disc Models in Quiescence and Outburs

Th. Kellermann (1), T. Nagel (1), N.J. Hammer (1) and K. Werner (1)

(1) Institut für Astronomie und Astrophysik, Universität Tübingen, Sand 1, 72076 Tübingen, Germany

To be published in: The Astrophysics of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects, ASP conference series

Abstract. We present time resolved model spectra of an accretion disc in quiescence and outburst. Therefore a subset of accretion disc rings with high mass accretion rate and viscosity as well as low mass accretion rate and viscosity is calculated with our accretion disc model code AcDc. By integrating the spectra of different disc rings, one may get spectra for different states of the dwarf nova outburst.
Key words: SS Cygni - Accretion Disc

Preprint (107 kb PDF file including figures)

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