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Preprint 04/13

A Facility for Soft Proton Irradiation of X-Ray Detectors and Instrument Testing for Future Space Missions

Sebastian Diebold, Josef Jochum, Eckhard Kendziorra, Emanuele Perinati, Andrea Santangelo, Chris Tenzer

Kepler Center for Astro and Particle Physics, Universität Tübingen

To be published in: Proceedings of the RADECS 2013

Abstract. Orbital soft protons (from tens of keV to a few MeV) can seriously degrade the performance of astronomical X-ray detectors. This paper briefly describes an irradiation setup for large detectors at the accelerator facility of the University of Tübingen. Main advantages are a high flux uniformity over a large area as well as a precise monitoring system for the applied spectrum and fluence. Recent modifications of this setup that enable measurements of the small angle scattering efficiency of Wolter-type X-ray mirror shells are presented.

Preprint (1,53 Mb PDF file including figures)

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