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Preprint 12/12

Observations of the post shock break-out emission of SN 2011dh with XMM-Newton

Sasaki, M. (1), Ducci, L. (1)

(1) IAAT

To be published in: A&A

Abstract. After the occurrence of the type cIIb SN 2011dh in the nearby spiral galaxy M 51 numerous observations were performed with different telescopes in various bands ranging from radio to gamma-rays. We analysed the XMM-Newton and Swift observations taken 3 to 30 days after the SN explosion to study the X-ray spectrum of SN 2011dh. We extracted spectra from the XMM-Newton observations, which took place ~7 and 11 days after the SN. In addition, we created integrated Swift/XRT spectra of 3 to 10 days and 11 to 30 days. The spectra are well fitted with a power-law spectrum absorbed with Galactic foreground absorption. In addition, we find a harder spectral component in the first XMM-Newton spectrum taken at t ~ 7 d. This component is also detected in the first Swift spectrum of t = 3 - 10 d. While the persistent power-law component can be explained as inverse Compton emission from radio synchrotron emitting electrons, the harder component is most likely bremsstrahlung emission from the shocked stellar wind. Therefore, the harder X-ray emission that fades away after t ~ 10 d can be interpreted as emission from the shocked circumstellar wind of SN 2011dh.
Key words: Shock waves -- circumstellar matter -- X-rays -- supernovae: individual: SN2011dh

Astrophysics (astro-ph): 1209.4720

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