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Preprint 11a/12

Metal Abundances in Hot DO White Dwarfs

K. Werner (1), T. Rauch (1), E. Ringat (1), J. W. Kruk (2)

(1) IAAT

To be published in: Proceedings, 18th European White Dwarf Workshop, Krakow, Poland, 13-17 Aug. 2012

Abstract. The relatively high abundance of carbon in the hot DO white dwarf RE0503-289 indicates that it is a descendant of a PG1159 star. This is corroborated by the recent detection of the extremely high abundances of trans-Fe elements which stem from s-process nucleosynthesis in the precursor AGB star, dredged up by a late He-shell flash and possibly amplified by radiative levitation. On the other hand, the hottest known DO white dwarf, KPD0005+5106, cannot have evolved from a PG1159 star but represents a distinct He-rich evolutionary sequence that possibly originates from a binary white dwarf merger.

Preprint (106 kb PDF file including figures)

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