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Preprint 17/11

Iron abundance in the prototype PG 1159 star, GW Vir pulsator PG 1159 - 035, and related objects

K. Werner, T. Rauch, J.W. Kruk, R.L. Kurucz

(1) IAAT
(3) CfA

To be published in: A&A 531 (2011), id.A146

Abstract. We performed an iron abundance determination of the hot, hydrogen deficient post-AGB star PG 1159 - 035, which is the prototype of the PG 1159 spectral class and the GW Vir pulsators, and of two related objects (PG 1520 + 525, PG 1144 + 005), based on the first detection of Fe viii lines in stellar photospheres. In another PG 1159 star, PG 1424 + 535, we detect Fe vii lines. In all four stars, each within Teff = 110 000-150 000 K, we find a solar iron abundance. This result agrees with our recent abundance analysis of the hottest PG 1159 stars (Teff = 150 000-200 000 K) that exhibit Fe x lines. On the whole, we find that the PG 1159 stars are not significantly iron deficient, in contrast to previous notions.

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