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Preprint 16b/11

Spectral Analysis of PG1034+001, the Exciting Star of Hewett 1

M. Mahsereci (1), E. Ringat (1), T. Rauch (1), K. Werner (1) and J. W. Kruk (2)

(1) IAAT

To be published in: IAU Symp. 283

Abstract. PG1034+001 is an extremely hot, helium-rich DO-type star that excites the planetary nebula Hewett 1 and large parts of the surrounding interstellar medium. We present preliminary results of an ongoing spectral analysis by means of non-LTE model atmospheres that consider most elements from hydrogen to nickel. This analysis is based on high-resolution ultraviolet (FUSE, IUE) and optical (VLT/UVES, Keck) data. The results are compared with those of PG1034+001's spectroscopic twin, the DO star PG0038+199.

Preprint (308 kb PDF file including figures)

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