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Preprint 11/06

Guidelines for Future UV Observatories

N. Kappelmann (1), J. Barnstedt (1)

(1) Institut für Astronomie und Astrophysik, Tübingen, Germany

Astrophysics and Space Science 303 147-151 (2006)

Abstract. Ultra-violet image sensors and UV optics have been developed for a variety of space borne UV astronomy missions. Technology progress has to be made to improve the performance of future UV space missions. Throughput is the most important technology driver for the future. Required developments for different UV detector types – detectors are one of the most problematic and critical parts of a space born mission – and for optical components of the instruments are given in these guidelines. For near future missions we need high throughput optics with UV sensors of large formats, which show simultaneously high quantum efficiency and low noise performance.

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