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Habilitationsschrift Dmitry Klochkov

Ordered and chaotic behavior of the accretion flow in X-ray binary pulsars

Abstract. Observations of accreting NSs are the ultimate way to test the models for the physics of the magnetospheric boundary and of the accretion column. The tremen- dous progress of the observational techniques has been achieved in the field of X-ray astronomy over the recent years driven by the operation of modern orbital X- and gamma-ray observatories such as Rossi XTE, INTEGRAL, Swift, Suzaku, Chandra, XMM-Newton, and NuSTAR. The delivered observational data of unprecedented quality (high spatial, energy, and timing resolution, broad spectral coverage, high photon statistics) allowed the new analysis technuques to be applied which revealed the previously unknown properties of accreting pulsars which require further develop- ments of the theoretical models describing these objects. As a result, the interest in X-ray binary pulsars was renewed in the recent years, especially because of mounting evidences for deviations of the observed properties from the basic picture. I am involved in the research, which addresses the detailed physics of the most intriguing regions of accreting pulsars, the polar emitting structures (accretion columns) and the magnetospheric boundary, which are responsible for the majority of the observational properties of these sources.
Key words: X-ray binary pulsars

Habilitationsschrift (4,21 Mb PDF file including figures)

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