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Dissertation Marcus Kirsch

In-Orbit-Kalibration der EPIC-pn-Kamera auf XMM-Newton in hoch zeitauflösenden Modes und Pulsphasenspektroskopie des Crab-Pulsars

Calibration of the XMM-Newton EPIC-pn Camera in the fast modes
I report on the calibration of the EPIC-pn camera on board XMM-Newton in the Timing and Burst Modes. Combined ground calibration measurements at the PANTER facility of MPE and in-flight calibration measurements of the supernova remnants N132D and Cas-A gave a satisfying relative accuracy of 0.3 % for the Timing Mode and of about 5 % for the Burst Mode over the spectral range from 0.2 to 11 keV. In the future the accuracy of Burst Mode can be further improved by long in-flight calibration measurements if necessary.
Phase resolved spectroscopy of the Crab with the EPIC-pn camera on board XMM-Newton
The Crab Pulsar (PSR 0531+21) has been observed with the EPIC-pn camera on board the ESA XMM-Newton satellite. The fine time resolution of the EPIC camera (7 microsec) in its special Burst Mode in combination with the huge effective area and the high quantum efficiency of the pn-CCD allows phase resolved spectroscopy of good quality over the energy range from 0.6 to 6.5 keV.
I show spatial variations of the spectral index over the Crab and perform a phase resolved spectroscopy of the modulated flux of the Crab. I see a significant hardening of the photon index in the inter-pulse region and that the second pulse is harder by 0.3 compared to the first one.

Dissertation (8,47 Mb PDF file including figures)

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