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GXUVDC: Instrument and Archive Information

Beside the German Position Sensitive Proportional Counter (PSPC) and the US High Resolution Imager (HRI) the ROentgenSATellite ROSAT is carrying the British Wide Field Camera (WFC).

The WFC detector is a microchannel plate without useable energy resolution. The photometric bandpasses are provided by four filters S1 (90-210 eV), S2 (62-111 eV), P1 (56-83 eV) and P2 (17-24 eV). The energy range of each filter corresponds to 10% of the peak efficiency. For scientific research use just the countrates.

Each observation belongs to the Principal Investigator (PI) during the first year. One year after the data have been made available to the PI, the ownership rights expire. Then the data will be filed on the GXUVDC Archive and it can be accessed via the World Wide Web.

The list of observations contains all WFC observations, processed at the GXUVDC up to the creation date of the list. All observations, which are accessible via the archive are marked as "PUBLIC". Otherwise the observations are marked as "-----".

The list of sources holds information from all sources, found in "PUBLIC" observations, including identifications and count rates. If a source was also detected in the WFC All Sky Survey, the name and type of the counterpart as given in The Bright Source Catalogue (PoundsK.A. et al. 1993, MNRAS 260,77) is included.

Here the improved calibration is discussed in detail (as mentioned in ROSAT NEWS No.37).

The ROSAT/WFC Observer Notes 93/1 Rev.1. delivers information about the WFC, the Standard Analysis and the files on the observer tapes.


A ROSAT XUV Pointed Phase Source Catalogue (Kreysing, H.-C., Brunner, H., Staubert, R., 1995, A&AS 304, 110)

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