XRBcats: Galactic X-ray Binary Catalogues

This page hosts up-to date versions of the Galactic X-Ray Binary (XRB) catalogues presented in Neumann et al. 2023 (High Mass X-ray Binaries, HMXB Cat), and Avakyan et al. 2023 (Low Mass X-ray Binaries, LMXB Cat). The catalogues are available as part of original publications, on VizieR, here as Virtual Observatory Tables (VOT) and FITS files. They reflect the complete census of known Galactic XRBs as of May 2023. We plan to regularly update the catalogues and encourage the user to communicate any issues and/or additions via email (). Below you will find a representation of the catalogue sources on the sky with the option to overlay several surveys.
The blue-squares () indicate HMXBs and the red-circles () LMXBs. By clicking on one of the symbols a popup will appear, displaying the information available in the corresponding catalogue. The object name provides a link which redirects you to another site containing a summary of important information about the selected object, as well as its respective finding charts.
You are free to use the information in these catalogues in publications, however, we ask that you please cite the published paper (HMXB: Neumann et al 2023, LMXB: Avakyan et al 2023) and refer to the url http://astro.uni-tuebingen.de/~xrbcat/ in either the acknowledgements or a footnote.
Note that in addition to the common overlays we also provide overlays that show the results from the first six months of eRosita/SRG operations, based on the publicly released 0.3-2.3 keV all-sky image (minor offsets are possible). Moreover, we implement a similar overlay from the first six months of ART-XC/SRG operations, which are available on the project's webpage.
Artur Avakyan and Aafia Zainab thank Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) for support through the eRO-STEP research unit project 414059771 (DO 2307/2-1 and WI 1860/19-1).
We also thank Anastasiia Voloshina for her illustration of the Astro-cats.

You can also contact us via one of the creators personal website