Conference Venue

The venue of the 17th European White Dwarf Workshop is the lecture room 210 at the building 420 of the CRONA-Kliniken (Universitäts-Klinikum Tübingen). See the map for the location of the lecture room (building 420) and the lunch place (building 520, Personalkasino).

In order to navigate in more datail, you may have a look on an overview map (legends of the maps are in german only). The conference venue is in quadrant 2A. On this detail map the lecture room is in K22 (just at the conjuntion of quadrants 4B, 5B, 5C, 4D - you will find a map with this position indicated in your conference folder). The bus stop is close to the parking just above K22. Our institute is in quadrant 1D in this map, the Casino am Neckar (informal gathering on Sunday 16, 6:30pm) can be found in quadrant 3E here.

Please note that there is a strict prohibition of mobile phones on the complete area of the CRONA-Kliniken!

During our workshop a XVGA beamer will be available. In case of other requirements, please contact the well in advance.

Every participant in our workshop will get a conference ticket (valid for local bus transportation Aug 15 - 21). Within the city, you can go to the conference venue by bus. The bus stop (black H in yellow circle on the map) is directly in front of the CRONA-Kliniken.

From the bus stop to the lecture room and the way out

View of the CRONA clinics
You arrive at the bus stop "Uni-Kliniken Berg".
Cross the street at the rear side of the bus.
Keep straight on.
Cross another street.
Pass the Personalkasino (our lunch place) on the left.
Turn right.
Walk forward to the building 420.
Enter the building here.
Turn left and walk some steps to find the elevator on the left, use it - you are at level 02, go up to level 04.
The lecture room is in front of the elevator.
This is the way out (different from in - you may choose).
Pass the cafeteria on the left.
Pass the info desk (for the patients only!).
Walk straight to the bus stop.
Some stairs are here!
The bus might be waiting!