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To simulate the interstellar bound-free absorption of H, He, C, N, O, and Si (ionization stages up to III), TEUV corrects synthetic stellar energy distributions (λ < 911 Å) using Opacity Project photoionization cross-sections. Two interstellar components can be considered with individual radial (vrad) and turbulent velocities (vturb), temperatures (Tcomp), and column densities.

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Spectrum with and without interstellar absorption correction in the EUV range.Model with (red) and without (blue) interstellar absorption correction in the extreme and far ultraviolet wavelength range compared with FUSE and EUVE observations (gray) of the DO-type white dwarf RX J0503.9-2854.

Personal Information 

Last Name
First Name

Model The file must contain wavelength (in Å and in increasing order) in the first and flux (in erg/cm2/s/cm) in the second column. The wavelength range must cover the EUV range up to 930 Å.
Observation The file must contain wavelength (in Å and in increasing order) in the first and flux (in erg/cm2/s/Å) in the second column.

Interstellar Components 

Cool Hot
vturbTurbulent velocity in km/s
vradRadial velocity in km/s
Tcomp Temperature in K

Instrumental Resolution

ResolutionInstrumental resolution in Å

Observed flux

(928 Å) Value of the observed flux at 928 Å in erg/cm2/s/Å to normalize the model. Check at the beginning that the flux level of the ISM corrected model in the quicklook plot is the same of the downloaded model. Adjust the given flux value if necessary.
at Value of the wavelength in Å, must be less than 928 Å.

Column Densities / cm2

Cool Hot
H IColumn density of H I in the components
He IColumn density of He I in the components
He IIColumn density of He II in the components
Cool Hot
C IColumn density of C I in the components
C IIColumn density of C II in the components
C IIIColumn density of C III in the components
N IColumn density of N I in the components
N IIColumn density of N II in the components
N IIIColumn density of N III in the components
O IColumn density of O I in the components
O IIColumn density of O II in the components
O IIIColumn density of O III in the components
Si IColumn density of Si I in the components
Si IIColumn density of Si II in the components
Si IIIColumn density of Si III in the components

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