On this website, we show some pictures, taken with the 80cm telescope (D.-J. Kusterer, K.v. Sturm und T. Nagel). Most of them are LRGB composits.

The Solar System

Our solar system comprises the sun, the 8 planets and their moons, asteroids, comets and dwarf planets. It has formed about 4.6 billion years ago.

Movie 1 of comet Hartley2 in oct. 2010
Movie 2 of comet Hartley2 in oct. 2010

Open Clusters

Open clusters are accumulations of some ten to some hundred stars, which have formed all together in a large molecular cloud. Their stars are quite young, only a few million or some 100 million years old.

Planetary Nebulae

Planetary nebulae are the outer shells of a solar type star, which have been expelled into space near the end of the star's life. A famous example is M57 in the constellation Lyra.

Diffuse Nebulae

Diffuse nebulae are clouds of interstellar gas and dust. A famous example is M42, the Great Orion Nebula.

Globular clusters

Globular clusters are spherical accumulations of a few 100.000 stars, orbiting the Milkyway. Their stars are some billion years old. A famous example is M13 in the constellation Hercules.


Galxies are extremely large accumulation of hunderd of billion stars, similar to the Milkyway. Famous examples are the Andromeda Galaxy M31 and the Magellanic Clouds.


Some pictures of the dome and the telescope, taken by J. Barnstedt und T. Nagel.

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